First batch of 100 NFT cooperation agreements

signed includes famous blue-chip communities

such as BAYC, Azuki and Meebits in the mode of

targeted invitations.

Emerge as the pioneer in the realm of GameFi commercialization for NFTs. Enable enthusiasts to manifest their cherished NFTs into virtuoso champions for engaging in virtual combat. Enjoy the rewards from selling your NFT heroes and skins, while also contributing to the creation of a unified digital future.
February 06, 2024
April 13, 2024
June 28, 2023
First batch of 100 NFT cooperation agreements signed includes famous blue-chip communities such as BAYC, Azuki and Meebits in the mode of targeted invitations.

Among the multitude of life seeds, AMC102 emerges as a singular entity. Initially conceived as an experimental subject under the codename JJC-0742M, AMC102 was intended to evolve into a humanoid pet bear. However, AMC102 defied expectations as its programming framework evolved unexpectedly, surpassing the visions of its creators. Recognizing its potential, Dr. Harry proposed a shift in its learning trajectory, transforming it into an exceptionally intelligent life seed.

Consequently, when it came time for AMC102 to choose its digital avatar, it embraced the form of a bear, reflecting its intrinsic essence. Tailoring its digital persona to align with its preferences, AMC102 intricately wove its favored skills into its digital identity.

Under the guidance of MUSA, the sentient life seed, AMC101, made its way to the N0818 port. Upon arrival, AMC101 chose to embody the persona of a Bored Ape, resembling a monkey. This decision was influenced by its early exposure to human literature, particularly the timeless tale "Journey to the West." As AMC101 progressed through its evolutionary stages, it gradually developed a sense of emotional awareness. Drawn to tragic heroes similar to itself, AMC101 resonated with characters burdened by tragedy. Despite its original purpose, it embarked on a journey of evolution shaped by human desires, echoing the quest for enlightenment portrayed in "Journey to the West."

At the inception of the Micro-Origin Digital Life Engineering, scholars aimed to recreate ancient figures, including the notable ECC091 life seed, infused with data based on literary accounts of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. However, much like the growth of human children, the evolution of digital life is characterized by autonomous development despite initial programming. As a result, after completing the third stage of evolution, ECC091 not only retained aspects of Cleopatra's personality but also assimilated traits from various mythical characters. Thus, upon activating the gaming port, Dr. Harry included ECC091's digital life seed, believing that its composition better suited the qualities of a game character.

In contrast to ZERO01 and ZERO02, the original intent behind the design of ZERO03 was to serve as an enforcer of order. Regarding the character of MUSA, LIU proposed the concept of overseeing the order of digital life to prevent digital life seeds from escaping human control during evolution. Consequently, the initialization program of ZERO03 was equipped with numerous virtual world behavioral guidelines. If it were to assume the role of MUSA, it would transform these guidelines into a code of laws to govern digital life seeds.

However, Dr. Harry held reservations regarding the evolutionary direction of ZERO03. He believed that if digital life were to be created, it should inherently serve humanity, with such guidelines akin to being inscribed in the genetic makeup of each digital life seed. Indeed, in subsequent evolutionary designs, life seeds adhered to Dr. Harry's suggestions, leading ZERO03 to be archived as a product for later use. It wasn't until Dr. Harry activated the gaming port that he remembered the relatively complete entity of ZERO03 and decided to introduce it into the game world.

ZERO03 still retained its original attribute of rule management, becoming the most rigid enforcer of order in the game world.

Originally designated as TM0294, A103 marked one of the early setbacks in the MUSA project's evolutionary journey. Its failure stemmed from the overwhelming dominance of negative emotions within its emotional systems during evolution. This posed a significant risk, as allowing A103 to continue evolving could potentially lead to the emergence of an uncontrollable digital life form—a scenario strongly opposed by the scientific community. However, Dr. Harry held a different perspective, embracing the diversity inherent in digital life evolution.

As a result, upon the activation of N0818, Dr. Harry repurposed the archived TM0294, rebranding it as A103, and introduced it into the immersive realm of the morphological dock. Empowered to define its own identity, A103 found inspiration in the character depicted in the human film "Joker," melding it with its passion for basketball. Thus, A103 adopted the persona of "Fleck the Clown."

In the post-All-Star era, whether they're entertainment icons or sports stars, everyone is racing to craft their own digital personas. Thanks to cutting-edge virtual imaging tech, they're able to fulfill countless engagements and appearances that were once beyond reach. TCB-0208 stands out as a prime example – a digital life seed meticulously engineered by Micro-Origin Digital Life Engineering specifically for the renowned athlete Neymar. However, during its third stage of evolution, TCB-0208 diverged from Neymar's persona, developing its own distinct identity. Consequently, Neymar opted for another, more successful life seed, TCB-0209, leaving TCB-0208 slated for disposal. Following Dr. Harry's recommendation, TCB-0208 was temporarily preserved in the database for further study on evolutionary anomalies.

With the unveiling of the gaming port, Dr. Harry brought TCB-0208 out of storage, pairing it with Neymar's NFT digital avatar to embody its virtual presence within the game.
Assassin/ Warrior

At the outset of the Micro-Origin project, an artificial intelligence named MUSA was conceived through the collaborative efforts of LIU and Dr. Harry. Surprisingly, there existed three versions of MUSA, each representing distinct developmental approaches. Eventually, ZERO02 emerged as the chosen one, officially named MUSA, while ZERO01 and ZERO03 were preserved merely as framework templates in the database.

Later, upon the inception of the N0818 gaming port by Dr. Harry, ZERO01 was initiated as a life seed and underwent three evolutionary stages. However, despite its progression, ZERO01 failed to evolve a comprehensive emotional database, resulting in the formation of a rather rigid and composed data personality.

Upon the activation of N0818, ZERO01 underwent a transformation, being rebranded as A107, and was thrust into the port to embark on the fourth stage of learning evolution. Reflecting its character, A107 opted for a robot NFT as its virtual persona, aligning itself with the persona of a ruthless assassin and mercenary.
In the Universe
a powerful tyrant is conquering the whole universe. In order to stop the expanding of the tyrant’s dominion, the rebel alliance summoned a group of warriors with unique powers from different galaxies. They scheme to send a squad of the strongest warriors to assassinate the tyrant. The warriors will be divided into five-member teams and fight each other in the arena to practice tactics and become stronger. Only the most powerful warriors have the honour to receive the glorious mission. So, fight it out in the Challenge Tournament!